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B.P.B Instruments Ltd. 1987 to 1989
  • First Three contracts with B.P.B.
  • Company involved in the design, production and servicing of logging equipment to support its own geological survey services (both on and offshore).
  • Offshore Unit - Interior layouts / equipment installation drawings, winch systems, measuring heads. Sondes - Mechanical detail design.
  • Designs had to respect the requirements of acoustic transducers, radioactive sources / detectors and sensitive electronic / microprocessor systems, as well as being able to withstand high temperatures and pressures in a highly corrosive environment.
  • Also involved in prototype work i.e. design and production prior to field evaluation of microresistivity and capacitance pads.
  • Liaison with Production, Software and Physics Departments in respect to design of above equipment.
  • Progress chasing.
  • Manual outline drawings.

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