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British Rail Derby.
(Intercity Fleet Development)


  • Rolling stock refurbishment - MKIII Market Testing Vehicles. TF (41178) and TSCD (45084)
  • Electrical - On vehicle verification and assessments of wiring routes. Layout of electrical control panels. Panel and vehicle wiring diagrams and schematics.
  • Mechanical - From concept drawings, through investigation and design, to produce detailed designs for the following:- Emergency equipment cupboard and telephone booth including structure, finish and associated items.
  • Vestibule ceiling including structure, wash lighting, access panels, down lighters, and ventilation grille.
  • Installation of luggage racks - complete with passenger audio entertainment system, system controller and saloon bulkhead displays.
  • For a five week period prior to releasing the vehicles I was tasked to act in a liaison / troubleshooting capacity, between design office and production unit.
  • Liaison with; suppliers - regarding the formation of train cleaning instructions, and maintenance - regarding the formation of maintenance instructions.
  • Formation of; drawing lists - spares lists - suppliers lists - and associated documentation.

Picture - Mk 4 Style table shown fitted in First class saloon TF (62kb)

Picture - Purpose-designed accommodation for the senior conductor  in the TSCD (92kb)

Picture - Standard saloon showing luggage bay area TSCD  (80kb)

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