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Joy Mining Machinery.
Formerly: Longwall MSC
March 1995 to December 1997
  • Detail design and draughting of coal face roof supports and roof support sub-systems, including:
    • Canopies,
    • Bases,
    • Shields,
    • Advancing systems,
    • Linkages and cantilevers.
  • The production of coal face plan and cross-sectional drawings. Roof support principle dimension drawings.
  • Provide technical support to various manufacturing departments and outside contractors.
  • Some involvement with hydraulic systems (up to 5000 psi). Detailing of valve blocks and valve mounting equipment.
  • Working exclusively on Prime MEDUSA CAD system. (version 12.2).
  • Conversant with UNIX operating system.
  • Aided the system administrator with Internet access and research concerning various aspect of PC/UNIX networking.
  • FTP file transfer via the Internet.

Picture - Roadway support for Svea mine Spitzbergen.  (16k)

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